Vikramaditya Dewangan



Dedicated to our Police



 Well let me start with the question tell me about an office which is open for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week it is the Police Station. paritranayam sadhunam well when many of you might have heard it somewhere it\'s the motto of Chhattisgarh police. whenever the news comes any Jawan of the Army is martyred the whole Nation mourns for him condolences are given from every corner of the country everyone be it the ruling party or opposition and even the common man show sympathy for the jawans family and the loss of an invaluable life is felt by everyone and this should be there but the question is why do we show discrimination against the police what happens to us when a policeman or state Armed force Jawan attains martyrdom in an encounter or some other battle why do we show discrimination in paying homage to them was the life not that important? When Army kills terrorist or militant the whole Nation applauds it and a sense of proud and nationalism runs in our blood on learning it. But when police or state armed force shoots down any target in an encounter do we celebrate the same way? The answer is a big No! Infact questions are asked on The authenticity of police and the encounter itself for violating the human rights. Just think about a police Jawan trapped in an naxal ambush who is being fired upon knowing that if he dies there not many will care but if retaliates and shoots any naxal then his job itself will be on stake. Some people say that public don\'t respect police because police is corrupt undertale few incidences where police\'s act was inappropriate well everything has flaws even I had a bitter experience with the police but that does not mean that due to these few incidences their 1000s of good deeds are overshadowed. They might be a small fraction of the police force which is corrupt but that doesnot mean that we will pull down the respect of the entire selfless Police Force which is working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week just for you to feel safe. During any violent protests communal violence it\'s only the police force which becomes the protector of the innocent people only afterwards Paramilitary Army steps in the scene. Well we all need to admit that whenever we come home late from tuitions or parties or roam freely without any sensation of fear then its credit goes to our unsung heroes police. After all every society gets a police force that it deserves as the man in the uniform is also a part of the society and a normal individual. Whenever the traffic police catches us for not wearing helmet or for wrong parking instead of paying the fine we feel better in arguing with the cop, ultimately its us who are stopping them from doing their duty honestly. Just think about them be it Diwali, Holi or any other festival they are also away from their family and that all only because of US. So it\'s our moral duty to respect our unsung Heroes. So I hope that I have ignited a little respect in your hearts for our unsung heroes often abbreviated as the police Force I would like to conclude it with famous chant of our honourable former prime minister shri Lal Bahadur Shastri ji Jai Jawan! Jai Kisan! Jai Hind!!

Vikramaditya Dewangan

 Student class 12th


DPS Bhilai